Monday, July 07, 2008

The Patriot

I am standing for peace and non violence
Why the world is fighting fighting
Why all people of world
Are not following Mahatma Gandhi
I am simply not understanding
Ancient indian wisdom is 100% correct,
I shuold sayeven 200% correct,
But mordern generation is neglecting-
Too much going for fashion and foreign thing.

Other day i'm reading newspaper
(Everyday i'm reading Times Of India
To improve my English Language)
How one goonda fellow
Threw stone at Indirabehn
Must be student unrest fellow, i am thinking.
Friends, Romans, Cuontrymen, i am saying (to myself)
Lend me the ears.
Everything is coming-
Regeneration, remuneration, contraception.

Be patiently, brothers and sisters.
You want one glass lassi?
Very good for digestion.
With little salt, lovely drink,
Better than wine;
Not that i am ever tasting the wine,
I'm the total teetotaller, completely total,
But i say
Wine is for the drunkards only.

What you think of prospects of world peace?
pakistan behaving like this,
China behaving like that,
It is making me really sad, i am telling you.
Really most harassing me.
All menare brothers, no?
In India also,
Thuogh some are having funny habits.
Still, you tolerate me,
I tolerate you,
One day Ran rajya is surely coming.

You are going?
But you will visit again
Any time, any day,
I am not believing in ceremony
Always I am enjoying your company.
Nissim Ezekiel

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